Our story

Each of our conversations led to the idea of a joint project to help organizations meet the challenges of leadership.

We were interested in how to stimulate curiosity and desire to grow, how to unleash potential of each employee in the workplace. At the same time, we would like to draw attention to the lack of these topics in professional circles.

We have combined over 15 years of knowledge and experience in the fields of psychology, human resource management, marketing, communication and leadership.

The Beep Institute came to life. It is a synonymous with employee empowerment in organizations.

Nejka Grabnar & Maja Fesel Kamenik

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Beep Institute logo

Hummingbirds and origami illustrate discovering employee potential in a unique way.

Hummingbirds are dynamic creatures that bring back positive energy to the world.

The choice of hummingbirds in the Beep Institute logo is not accidental. We are impressed by its unique features: it can swing more than 90 times in a second, fly up to 800 km at a time and is the only bird that can fly backwards.

Hummingbirds are agile and adapt quickly to change. It is said that if a hummingbird crosses your path, it seeks to draw attention to the joy of little things, as well as the power and the potential that we carry within ourselves.

Sophisticated turquoise is the color of creativity and open communication.

The colorful beauty of hummingbirds is a work of nature. At the Beep Institute, we chose turquoise as a blend of blue and green, representing wisdom and growth. Simply because it is like the color of the ocean and the sky, the companion of our journeys. 

Origami is art, learning, consolidation and creativity. 

The hummingbird is shown in the logo as origami, to emphasize that we don’t need additional tools in order to realize the potential. All we need is a strong will. Just like the origami technique, where the goal is to transform a sheet of paper through various tool-free folding techniques.

Our values

We are united by the desire to develop people in organizations. We strive to develop simple, understandable and customizable HR solutions in employee development. We want to elevate the role of HR in the business world.

We are committed to creating holistic education, delivering memorable experiences and promoting good people management practices.

01 We welcome curiosity at work.

02 We believe in development through learning and collaboration.

03 We do what we say and say what we do.

04 We love new experiences and joy along the way.

05 Changes are implemented responsibly.

06 We are committed to the advancement of people, society and the environment.